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Wagon House with Garage Doors at 163 Mercer St

Published on Oct 22, 2019 by Dan

Mercer Street is the home to some of NYC’s finest brands; Lanvin, Balenciaga, D&G, and at the center of it all is Wagon House, a two-story building whose famous garage door entrance embodies the artistry and style of Soho. Imagined and constructed first in 1867 as a “wagon house”, this dazzling structure watched patiently as New York changed and developed around it, eventually finding new purpose as a home for the then-emerging fashion icon Marc Jacobs, and now has been transformed into a perfect space for pop-up events, pop-up exhibits, and art installations.

Earlier this month, Wagon House was home to the exclusive, intimate launch of NicoleX Capsule Chic, a toy line engineered between Moose Toys and Nicole Richie that utilizes the modern “unboxing trend” to allow children an avenue to express their full individuality through fully customizable dolls featuring an urban, artistic edge.

Capsule Chix serves as an exemplar of the style of event that pairs perfectly with the access, location, and branding power that comes inherent with this stunning, spacious landmark. 

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With a 22-foot brick façade featuring its famous garage doors and a storefront and selling basement that accounts for a stunning 4,400 square feet of usable space, Wagon House is an ideal location for nearly any event. Its sprawling façade can be branded for any context and the lack of columns in the retail space makes it adaptable for any purpose; car shows, sample sales, media events, or art installations. 

Since the earliest history of NYC, Mercer Street has been almost synonymous with the class, elegance, and style of Manhattan, and the Wagon House has been there all the while, watching the city evolve and adapt to the newest trends, hottest events, and cultural shifts.

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