The Rawspace Design Series Part 3: Music

Published on Mar 12, 2020 by Dan

When planning a Rawspace full-immersion pop-up experience, there is no design element more critical to us than a careful and curated selection of music to paint the world of our events. Lighting design illuminates our spaces and colors them with the exact shades intended, food and drink tickles our taste buds and sets our palettes for a night of enjoyment, but music is the one ingredient that ties the entire package together, building the sense memory and emotional connection to the space and creating the precise mood required to leave your guests with an exacting impression.

DJ at Fila event NYC

For events, parties, art exhibitions and installations- music is what will ultimately set the tone and build the ambiance for your pop-up experience. Whether it’s a DJ spinning the most thrilling tracks of today, filling your guest’s spirit with electricity and adventure as they dance throughout the night, or a perfectly engineered and subtle soundscape to complement your museum or showcase your work with the perfect sonic backdrop, music is the tonal curator of your event and a necessary requirement for any successful pop-up event. 

As with so many of the design elements that constitute a Rawspace pop-up, it all comes down to intentionality. The world of music and design is so wide right now, there are an endless myriad of options and soundscapes to select for your event. The question is- what do you want your event to sound like, what energy do you want to create for your guests and most important of all, how do you want them to feel? Music allows us to create the exact emotional impression we need to convey the story of your brand. The options are endless, all you have to do is make an intentional, bold choice that matches your product or company, and the results will show. 

For the Arcadia Earth event– there was a strong collaboration with artists to create 15 room installations, each of which brought attendees directly into a stunning physicalization of various environmental scapes. From the depths of the sea, to the tops of snowy mountains- each room transported our guests to an entirely different universe. 

To create this effect- soundscape and score became immensely powerful in creating signature atmospheres and separated ecosystems. By blending two channels of full-range audio in each room with another 32 channels of ambient sounds spreading through the entire installation from small speakers embedded deep inside the walls of 718 Broadway, composer and sound designer Dave Hodge of FingerMusic was able to engineer a specific, intentional, and emotionally affecting score that served to further the installation’s mission of calling attention to the disastrous effects of climate change and the impending dangers facing our planet. 

Museum of Missy Elliott NYC

At Rawspace, we have found that often music can even serve as the centerpiece of the event itself. Our recent Museum of Missy Elliot served as a tribute to the hip-hop icon- taking guests inside the world of her music, translating her artistic imprint into an immersive experience and physicalizing her unique sound and style. 

Ultimately, music is an element that has been uniting humans since the dawn of existence. It fuels our emotional life, and connects us to a specific time and place. And most important of all, music resonates at the core of what we believe makes a Rawspace event so special.

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