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The Rawspace Design Series: Immersive Experience

Published on Mar 16, 2020 by Dan

At Rawspace, we often talk about the power of our “immersive experiences.” But what does that really mean? 

For us, the depth of experience and the full sensory activation that occurs at many of our spaces is what sets a Rawspace event apart from the myriad of museums and traditional events that populate NYC. When we say full immersion, we are talking about the unique and experimental ways we create access for our guests to engage with an event; play, touch, taste, smell- all of these ingredients combine together into an artistic experience that stays deep in their hearts and minds for years to come. 

When we interact with these spaces on this level, that experience becomes cemented into our memories and we leave with a sense of intimacy that results in a deeper level of satisfaction and an enhanced artistic connection to the material. 

It’s this connection that fuels every event we hold at Rawspace

The Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream boasted a simple, joy-inducing mission statement; bring our attendees into the fabulous and magical world of America’s number one dessert; ice-cream. It’s not just a museum, it’s an homage to your taste buds and a physicalization of the delight and joy we experience when we indulge in this creamy, buttery and frosty treat. There are not many museums in NYC that can boast taste as a primary ingredient of their makeup, and that’s precisely what makes The Museum of Ice Cream so special. 

But here’s what really makes this event a shining example of our full immersion experiences. At the Museum of Ice Cream, you aren’t simple sampling different flavors of ice cream, or various sprinkle genres, you are diving into pools made entirely of them, you are zipping down three story slides covered in gooey treats and ice-cold delights, you are spending a day living in the world of dessert.

Fila’s Tennis in Technicolor

To celebrate the innovation and success of their original creative director Pierluigi Rolando, FILA and Vice teamed up with Rawspace to build a tactile driven representation of the world of tennis. Flanked by rows of table tennis games, guests would walk through our famous Brooklyn space, sipping hand served Italian beers and experiencing around them walls of techni-color digitalizations celebrating the history and the future of the game. 

FILA event NYC – interactive Tennis

The Museum of Slime

You do not simply learn about slime. You experience slime. You hold it in your hands, you feel the goop dripping through your fingers in all its sticky, sparkly, and messy majesty. That’s why we worked with the Sloomo Institute to create The Museum of Slime; a full immersion event centered around this scientific phenomenon that brought guests of all ages directly into the world of slime, letting them physically experience this biological wonder and incentivizing curiosity and appreciative of the sciences.  

We live in a world today that allows for experience and engagement to exist at new heights. There is no longer just one way to experience an event or a museum. That’s why at Rawspace, we are constantly pushing ourselves to create new avenues for experience and an ecosystem where interaction is open, artistic, and completely immersive.

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