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The Old World Gallery at 85 North 3rd, Brooklyn

Published on Oct 15, 2019 by Dan

Williamsburg is a neighborhood that has come to represent so much of the modernity of NYC while also holding its roots in the city’s amazing 19th-century history. And bridging that gap between old and new is The Old World Gallery, an exhilarating 3,000 sq foot space located right on the historic Williamsburg waterfront. Recently activated from the Old Mill Building, one of the oldest warehouse spaces in the iconic Brooklyn neighborhood, The Old World Gallery has quickly become a mainstay for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs for events and shows, quickly cementing it as one of the best pop-up spaces in NYC.

Event Space at 85 North 3rd, Brooklyn

This raw warehouse space features beautiful wooden beams, 12 large corner windows, tasteful exposed bricks, and large wooden plank floors- giving it the open concept of a modern design while still maintaining fixtures that are emblematic of the neighborhood’s history.

Recently, the Old World Gallery was honored to host an immersive pop-up event “Tennis in Technicolor”, a full-scale display of the history of tennis hosted by FILA and Vice Media, to correspond with the popular U.S. Open. The event gathered over 3000 people in attendance and was a great success both for the brand and for the Old World Gallery. And that’s only the start of what’s in store for this incredible space, with much more pop-up events on the slate for the coming fall.

FILA pop-up event space NYC

The space’s industrial warehouse feel makes it aesthetically perfect for attracting a Williamsburg crowd, and the openness of the design gives it a versatility that allows for any type of designer or artist to use the space effectively.

FILA pop-up event space NYC

The Old World Gallery is much more than a pop-up space, it’s a reminder of what we love so much about Williamsburg; the openness, the artistic design, and the remnants of the industrial era that seem to hide behind every corner. A pop-up space is only so good as it reflects the history and the feel of the neighborhood and caters to the energies of those who attend events hosted in the space. Serving as a bridge between what Williamsburg is today, and what we loved about Williamsburg in the past, the Old World Gallery is a prime space for any artist, designer, or brand to display their work with the full power of the old world.

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