The Best Holiday Pop-Up Shops in NYC

The Best Holiday Pop-Ups in NYC

Published on Dec 18, 2018 by Dan Melwani

5 Pop-Up Shops to Not Miss

Ho, ho, oh? Santa’s ability to pop in to chimneys around the globe has gotten easier today. Why you may wonder? The increase of holiday pop-ups. Pop up shops exist for just about anyone today: Whether you’re a cynical Scrooge or a jolly Santa, you’ll find everything from a Jingle Hell to a reindeer lounge in Brooklyn (224 Franklin St). Still not convinced of the perks of the holiday pop?

Here’s our curated list of some of the most creative pop-up shops in New York City this holiday season:

1. Jingle Hell in the East Village (174 Orchard Street)

This anti-holiday pop up bar is perfect for that friend or family member that loathes the holidays.

2.  Reindeer Lounge in Brooklyn (224 Franklin St)

This reindeer lounge is for those who love holiday cheer. It features four grand fireplaces, floor to ceiling Christmas trees, a Candy Cane wall and a festive drink menu.

3. Amazon’s 4-star store (72 Spring St)

Amazon’s 4-star store is unique and inspiring for the digital natives that can’t seem to get enough of that online experience. It’s a physical store that, according to, “feels like a website.” Items are grouped by “Most-Wished-For,” “Highly Rated,” and “Frequently Bought Together.”

4. Random Acts of Creativity (RAC) pop up (138 Wooster)

The creators behind this pop-up want to change the way we shop into a more interactive and global experience, thus creating a lifestyle. The community features one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world: fashion, accessories, art, household. You can expect to find handcrafted silk pillows from Vietnam, shawls from Peru, and custom-made furniture from artisans in the Catskills.

5. Domino Magazine partnered with Amazon Home (446 Broadway

Domino x Amazon Holiday Home is a one-stop gift shop. According to Domino Magazine, this brick-and-mortar store is an immersive experience that curates the ultimate gifts of the season.

Whether you’re a Santa seeking the perfect gift or you’re a Scrooge who is not in the holiday mood, holiday pop-up shops are a jolly good time.

Browse the portfolio of our spaces here.

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