Tina Ziegler, Fair Director. Photo courtesy of Moniker Art Fair

The Artists that Make NYC

Published on Feb 11, 2020 by Dan

From its earliest beginnings, NYC has always been a community made by artists. An ever-growing source of inspiration and creativity, Manhattan’s artist colony continues to fuel the city with economic stimulus, cultural status, and branding opportunity. 

Today, with the advent of short-term real estate opportunities and pop-up experiences, Manhattan artists have more exposure than ever and their work can now flourish without the burden and expense of long-term leases and rental payments. 

At Rawspace, as proprietors of these short-term rental spaces, we see it as a part of our core mission to continue building and supporting New York’s artist community as we commit ourselves to the creativity that has come to define our city. 

So in the spirit of inspiration and innovation, we wanted to take a moment to look at all the various demographics of artists that we are honored to work with each and everyday as we reflect upon our company’s past and prepare for the exciting 2020 that is to come.

Fashion Designers

NYC and the neighborhood of SoHo specifically has long been considered the headquarters of the fashion community. Home to titans such as Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, and new up-and-coming designers, NYC continues to create opportunity within the fashion field and the pop-up industry has become a welcome home for designer showcases and runway shows. 

Arcadia Art Exhibit | Photo Credit: Arcadia Earth

Art Galleries

The advent of pop-art galleries have allowed the city’s artist community the ability to exhibit their work in premiere Manhattan spaces without suffering from the continual burden and expense of NYC real-estate price. Most recently, we were thrilled to host the Moniker Art Fair at one of our famous Brooklyn locations where attendees were able to enjoy a five-day festival showcasing a specially curated lineup of 28 exhibitors and projects featuring artists and designers from around the globe. 

Missy Elliott Event flag, NYC

Performance Art/Concert Series

When determining new spaces to add to our collection; the first thing we look for is versatility. We take great pride in our location’s ability to shift and morph towards the needs of our clients, especially the performance artists and musicians who have used our locations to engineer create mind-blowing experiences and one of a kind installations. 

From our Beatlemania event celebrating the 56 year anniversary of the Fab Four’s first performance in America to the installation of a 25,000 square foot “Museum of Missy Elliot” art installation, these spaces boast an unbelievable amount of versatility, allowing our artists to use the space to physicalize their wildest artistic impulses and visions.


Our chefs and culinary experts make NYC a centerpiece of the fine dining industry, and Rawspace locations have helped these food professionals showcase their work and build their brand across a wider demographic. Feeling a little hungry? Check out our favorite culinary experience of the year- The Museum of Ice Cream at our historic 558 Broadway location. 

How Rawspace Supports Artists

At Rawspace, our artists form the core of our brand and our mission. Our spaces are uniquely designed to incentivize creativity, boost marketing potential and exposure, and build experiences that promote inspiration, ingenuity, and artistic rebellion. This city was formed off the back of our artists. But Rawspace has always known one thing. For artists to continue creating they need one thing- space. 

Together, let’s continue creating the environments our amazing artist community requires to build their masterpieces and inspire their world.

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