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Do As the Stars Do…

Rawspace’s exclusive roster of NYC pop-up experiences feeds off the electricity of the city, the vibrant artistic happenings of downtown, and of course- the incredible special guests and celebrities who always seem to be popping in to see what’s happening at our one of a kind events. Face it, there is no greater city in […]

Pop-Ups 101: The Complete Guide to Building a New York City Pop-up

by Dan Melwani the Founder of Rawspace NYC has long been considered a hub for marketing and branding, and a centerpiece for building public awareness for a new product, company or artist. Every year, thousands of new brands come to NYC with aspirations of laying their stake in one of the greatest cities on Earth […]

Amazon SmartHome 2019

Rawspace’s Upcoming Roster of Events

As we close up 2019, Rawspace isn’t looking to slow down- we’re ready to keep expanding. Because our roster of coming events is complete with so many breathtaking and innovative pop-up experiences that we can hardly wait for the new year.  Here are some of our favorite events that are live now- and a teaser […]

718 Broadway - Event Space NYC - Event Storefront

Introducing Rawspace

The largest small pop-up, media event, and experimental marketing company in NYC I’ve always been in love with the power of spaces. There’s something about the feeling of walking into a space and immediately detecting its specific energy, its life, its opportunity, that fills me with inspiration and a sense of purpose. Every building has […]