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Event Spaces NYC – VMA event New York Museum of Missy Elliot – View 1

Winner of the Most Popular Space in 2019

Rawspace boasts an unbelievable roster of trendsetting, exclusive downtown spaces. But when looking back at the huge selection of high-events we’ve pulled off, and the astounding transformations we’ve taken our buildings through- our hands-down winner for the most popular space of 2019 is without question 623 Broadway, The Masterpiece on Broadway.  Newly activated as of […]

Small Business Saturday by American Express | view 1. Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for American Express

Celebrating the Future of Retail in 2030 with American Express, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Karlie Kloss

Over the course of the last decade, the landscape of retail has considerably shifted and evolved into an exciting, groundbreaking era. Internet and social media have opened up new marketing avenues, allowing for companies to utilize virtual stores, short term pop-up spaces, and viral events to increase their audience reach and build a stronger customer […]

Event Spaces NYC – VMA event New York Museum of Missy Elliot – View 1

Masterpiece on Broadway at 632 Broadway

From its sweeping columns to its pristine and intricate moldings, there’s no question how this architectural mausoleum to the early 1900s earned the name “Masterpiece”. Newly activated as of August 15, 2019- Masterpiece on Broadway has already served as host to an impressive amount of pop-ups events, performances, and galleries. Masterpiece rounded out the summer […]