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The SoHo Series Part 2- The Center of New York’s Fashion Industry

Published on Jan 31, 2020 by Dan Melwani

Whether you are a veteran fashion label, or an up-and coming designer looking to begin building your brand, establishing a presence in SoHo, the hub of New York City’s fashion world, has become a prerequisite for industry success. 

The neighborhood’s storied history (link to previous blog on history of SoHo), has established the district as a hotbed for creativity and inspiration, making SoHo a powerful and consistent headquarters for the fashion industry. With a mixture of authentic and inspiring architectural types, from gorgeous exposed brick lofts to high-ceiling industrialized spaces that naturally inspire and promote creation, the spaces of SoHo are uniquely positioned to further the aims of designers and creators and they continue to innovate throughout their field. The abundance of natural light leads to consistent inspiration, while the bustle of the district builds exposure, opportunity, and networking advantage.

From a marketing standpoint, SoHo’s enhanced foot traffic creates a heightened amount of opportunity critical to bringing your brand to the world, whether you are an established creator such as Vera Wang or Alexander McQueen, or a burgeoning artist looking to first introduce your work to a greater audience. In a recent study hosted by SoHo Strut, researchers found that the neighborhoods of SoHo experience 110,000 unique visitors on a daily basis. That is an unprecedented amount of exposure that no brand, no matter their size, can choose to ignore. To put it bluntly, you can not build a fashion brand in today’s climate without a sizable presence in the neighborhood of SoHo. 

Photo by One Block Over by StreetEasy

But on a deeper, and more philosophical level, creators must work to stay synchronized with the developments and trends created by the elite of SoHo if they wish to make a splash in the industry. SoHo is the home to titans of industry such as Marc Jacobs, All Saints, Versace, Burbary, Valentino and thousands of influencers and decision makers within the field. Without a sense of the neighborhood’s pulse, a new designer’s work will inevitably come across as dated or sophormic, and their work will risk being dismissed as behind the current of the times. Further, a day spent in SoHo is ultimately a day filled with inspiration and creativity and an investment into building the artistic well necessary if one hopes to make their mark on the fashion field.

Photo by Carlo Galici 

Fashion Week has found a forever home in the streets of SoHo, aspiring models can network with new or veteran designers, and the celebrity influence of the district brings consistent exposure, coverage, and buzz around the comings and goings of the neighborhood. 
And as SoHo continues to grow and expand in both influence and power, so can you as a designer, model, or member of the fashion community. Let’s face it, SoHo is the home of fashion, and that’s a title we at Rawsapce are proud to have taken a hand in creating. Together, let’s continue building a SoHo that will forever live as a mecca of artistry, a leader in taste, and a neighborhood that encapsulates the artistry and rebellion of NYC.

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