Pop-Ups 101: The Complete Guide to Building a New York City Pop-up

Published on Dec 30, 2019 by Dan

by Dan Melwani the Founder of Rawspace

NYC has long been considered a hub for marketing and branding, and a centerpiece for building public awareness for a new product, company or artist. Every year, thousands of new brands come to NYC with aspirations of laying their stake in one of the greatest cities on Earth and introducing themselves to the public by drafting off the electricity, vibrancy, and power of the Big Apple. And in recent years, the pop-up shop experience has grown into one of the most successful ways a new brand can enter the NYC market due to the advantages of the short term nature of leases, and the spontaneity it offers to social media-driven consumers. 

But to many, the process of starting a pop-up shop may seem a little unclear. So I have detailed a step by step guide to not only starting but finding success with integrating NYC based short term retail experiences into your marketing. 

Starting Off

The first thing a brand will want to do when setting foot in NYC is to find a production company that can assist in conceptualizing, planning, and execution of your brand event. These companies specifically understand the strategies necessary for creating buzz-building events and have the experience and reach required to ensure that the idea is enacted to completion. 

632 Broadway - Event Space SoHo - View 1

Enter Rawspace

Any good production company knows that the backbone of a successful short term pop-up experience is the space. Without this, there is no event- and therefore, the concept of the pop-up experience should be built around the advantages inherent within the selected real estate. Production companies, therefore, come to short term real estate proprietors like Rawspace, in search of the exact location to match their brand and event concept. These companies are invaluable as they have their thumb on the pulse of the short term event space market and have a specificity of knowledge to ensure that the driving force of your event is laid in place perfectly. 

Building Your Event

After determining the perfect space for your pop-up, both the production company and Rawspace will begin to build a conceptual base for the event. This takes months of preparation, permit acquisition, licensing, and investing in even the most minute details of the concept. Throughout this stage, Rawspace serves as the facilitator and leader of the developmental process, ensuring that every detail matches the space and that all necessary logistics are enacted seamlessly and efficiently. 

Further, the execution of a pop-up experience requires the integration of a litany of independent contractors, designers, engineers, etc. Rawspace, therefore, serves as the central nervous system, connecting each of these independent parts back to the source- the original concept. We are there to guide every decision until at last, the concept is built fully in line with your vision and brand. 

The Build

With a strong concept in place, the next stage is simple- we build. With Rawspace facilitating all the while as your idea is brought to life for all the world to see. This stage is where we load in all the materials, props, installations, or art pieces. The sky is the limit. Every single item or visual in the space is designed, developed, decorated and staged to fulfill the vision.

Event Spaces NYC – VMA event New York Museum of Missy Elliot – View 3

The Final Touches

And now with a tangible event in place, it’s time for the final and most exciting step- opening the doors. 

Now is the moment of truth- how will the public react to your brand? Rest assured, by trusting your company’s identity to experienced professionals like Rawspace, you will be ensuring that your brand is presented to the NYC public under the best light. We dedicate ourselves to executing your vision in a way that will bring your concepts to the world so that it will shock, surprise, and most importantly, hook your customer base. That’s more than just our mission, it’s our passion- it’s our lifeblood. 

The Importance of Rawspace

Throughout the entire process of building a pop-up event, seamless integration and execution of the concept are of vital importance. That’s why Rawspace does so much more than simply provide the space for your event, we are operational managers to guide the process and see that all details are in line with your vision and standards. Our comprehensive mentality is the primary force leading to our consistent and long-lasting success. We leave no stone unturned on the way to executing your pop-up, It’s why Rawspace was named one of the biggest small companies in Soho, and are able to proudly host over 180+ events per year, working with worldwide brands like Google, Amazon, Mastercard, Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. 

At Rawspace, we love NYC, we love spaces, but most importantly- we love new brands and we are constantly inspired and motivated by their tenacity, their vision and their dedication to excellence. And we grow alongside these brands, together we all become more dynamic, more efficient, and more in tune with the possibilities of this great city. It’s a fast-paced existence in NYC, and that means we must always be fighting to exceed expectations, we must always push the limit- and we must always stretch ourselves far beyond what we ever thought was attainable. 

So if you’re ready to bring your brand to the world through a pop-up experience that is guaranteed to capture the electricity of the NYC market, come to Rawspace. We’re ready. 

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