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Pop-Up Shops on Broadway

Published on Dec 3, 2019 by Dan

Rawspace is home to an unbelievable selection of prime downtown properties and locations. But amongst the most desirable without question is our incredible slate of Broadway locales, all of which make extensive use of the incredible amount of traffic the street attracts due to the myriad of designer locations and tourist destinations. SoHo has always been a neighborhood defined by class, elegance, and style. We see Broadway as the centerpiece of that reflection. 

Today, Broadway has become essentially synonymous with NYC. It’s hands down one of the first things that come to mind when someone speaks about the Big Apple. In midtown, the street serves as the headquarters for the thriving theatre community. Downtown- is a mecca for the bustling and vibrant designer and retail shopping world. 

And while the future of the street is no question bright, it also houses quite an interesting past. Detailed in her book “Broadway”, author and head of the popular urban blog Untapped Cities Michelle Young details the Native American origins of the strip as a path that once ran through the entire course of the island.

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The point being, Broadway is special. It always has been, and by our estimation, it always will be. And we are so proud of our many locations that have been able to use the street’s vibrancy and energy to help our clients display their brands to the highest ability. Rawspace currently features the most Broadway spaces of any company, because we know how crucial the location is for enhanced visibility. A recent foot traffic study conducted by Soho Strut found that the street averages a daily number of 110,000 visitors. Further, the nature of the strip leads to larger buildings and therefore, large window spaces for promoting brands and products. Our Broadway spaces range all the way from 3,000 sq to 25,000 sq just on this one street alone. 

At Rawspace, we know it’s not just the space, but the neighborhood that matters. You are creating an energy with your pop-up event, and there are so many factors required to create that. So if you’re looking for a space for your next project, one that houses all the bustle and energy of Soho, consider any one of our amazing Broadway spots. We love this street, and we love this city. 

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