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Pop-Up Experiences for Dreary, Rainy, or Snowy Manhattan Days

Published on Feb 17, 2020 by Dan

NYC is a city that runs on the streets. For Manhattanites, pop-up experiences such as outdoor markets and concert series are some of the most sought after and appealing events hosted in the Big Apple. So when inclement weather hits, especially during NYC’s grueling January and February season, it can often feel like the metropolis undergoes a complete and devastating shut down

But the truth is, the rainy and snowy day activities are actually some of the city’s finest and at Rawspace, we’ve loved helping pop-up artists and designers build events that are almost tailor-made for those dreary, rainy days. 

And while it may be tempting to spend a day inside binging the next great Netflix show or catching up on valuable sleep (we New Yorkers do have a tendency to pile up a sizable market-share of sleep debt), there’s no better opportunity than a rain day to go explore some of the city’s incredible indoor activities. 

Manhattan has always boasted some of the world’s finest museums. From the Metropolitan Museum to the Whitney, NYC is home to some exhilarating institutions of learning, perfect for long day excursions when hanging around outdoors simply isn’t an option. 

But today, there is an even more modern and exciting trend developing throughout the “Concrete Jungle”. 

Recently, we discussed the growing “Museum of…” trend, a new movement of pop-up museums and experiences dedicated to and inspired by just about anything you can think of. 

Museum of Ice Cream, NYC

At our 558 Broadway location, guests can visit the incredible new Museum of Ice Cream NYC, an imaginative, multi-sensory journey into the world’s greatest treat; ice-cream. Featuring ice-cream themed attractions such as an epic three-story desert-themed slide, or the world’s largest “sprinkle pool”, the Museum of Ice Cream is an adventure into the dreams of our childhood and the perfect attraction for adding a little life to those dreary days where the sun just won’t seem to shine. 

Or maybe ice-cream isn’t your thing and your more of a slime kind of person. If you are nearby Soho, the headquarters of all things hip, niche and eccentric, take a visit to the Sloomoo Institute of Slime at 475 Broadway for a quick jaunt around the world’s ickiest, gooiest, and most exhilarating display of all things slime. With incredible DIY experiences that let visitors express themselves through the beautiful language of slime, visitors can kick off the rainy day blues with a fun-filled day of creativity and spontaneity. 

And that’s only the beginning of the incredible indoor markets, displays, and pop-up experiences we have on the docket for the coming year. 

You’ll often hear people say that NYC is no place to be during the winter. At Rawspace, we couldn’t disagree more. So bundle up, brave the cold or the rain and come on out and experience some of the incredible happenings we have going on around SoHo and Brooklyn.

It’s too exciting of a world out there to stay inside your apartment all day.

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