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NYC – An Artist’s Colony

Published on Oct 31, 2019 by Dan

From the glitz of Broadway performers to the grunge of LES artists and now with the new modern art renaissance that has seen the integration of digital technology, pop-up spaces, and Avant-garde expression, NYC has forever been known as a hub for the inspired, the creative, and the ambitious. It is a proud city of proud artists, who have set the trends, fashions, and tastes for the rest of the world for decade upon decade. Today, NYC has spearheaded an amazing new era of modern art, one that utilizes exhibition spaces, live pop-up events, and short-term exclusive galleries to build a sense of artistry, buzz, and excitement. This city’s art lives directly in the streets. It pops up in small bursts. It requires a citizenry that is awake, and aware, listening to the pulse of the city to find out where the real art is happening at any one moment. 

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NYC is a city of artists, a fact that we at RawSpace haven been so proud to embrace over our many years in the Big Apple, helping creatives of all types utilize pop-up spaces to showcase their work, cultivate greater followings, and express themselves truly. 

From its earliest origins, New York City has always been considered an artist’s mecca. Even during the colonial era, the Hudson River Valley was a famous spot for painters of the day, and in the Revolutionary Era- NYC because of a hot spot for the artistic innovation and discussion that was happening in tandem with new democratic ideas. 

NYC Event Spaces – Installation by Dan Rawling - Photo by Sam Roberts
Installation by Dan Rawling | Photo by Sam Roberts

But New York did not truly become the artistic capital of the world until closer to the 1940s. Until that point, Paris had been long since considered the bastion of artistic innovation. But with the occupation of the city by German forces during World War II came the inevitable decline of the artist state in France. Thousands of European artists fled to the United States after the fall of Paris, many of which found safe harbor in the streets of NYC. This led to a new renaissance in New York, not only for artists but also for buyers, galleries, collectors, distributors, and critics. As the years went by, artists did what they are known to do- they congregated together, creating communities, and bringing their artistic touch to every known corner of the city. 

This expansion only continued as the years went by, developing into the folk renaissance for the 1960s headquartered in Greenwich village. This famous West Village neighborhood saw and led to the rise of legends such as Bob Dylan, Peter Seeger, and Phil Ochs. The 1970s saw a burst of new styles in film, directing, acting and multimedia, and all the while the NYC fashion scene continued to develop, expand, and change around the shifting tides of culture. 

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And now today, we have come into a new era in NYC’s artistic history; one where the fast pace of technology, social media, and the development of the city have led to exciting artistic possibilities. Pop-up spaces allow artists to exhibit their designs, concepts, and ideas in fast-paced, ever-changing ways. Multi-purpose spaces can change dependent on the styles of the artist to showcase them best. And exhibitors can use the perks of social media to create a sense of buzz and exclusivity around the limited-time pop-up of an artist’s work. 

It’s as exciting of a time as ever to be an NYC artist, with the city giving us more and more inspiration, possibility, and advantage with each passing day. The pop-up event trend is one that we at RawSpace believe is going to help take artists to a new level; ensuring that their work can always be appreciated and that they can continue to serve as stewards of our culture, taste, and sensibilities. 

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