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Landmark on Broadway at 718 Broadway

Published on Oct 29, 2019 by Dan

From its very beginnings, Astor Place has been almost synonymous with the rich theatrical history and the urban chic of Noho. Located only steps away from the Public Theatre, Landmark on Broadway has come to embody all that we love about lower Manhattan; theatricality, class, and elegance. With 15,000 square feet of modern, open-concept space and a beautiful spiraling mezzanine, Landmark on Broadway is a prime option for designers and artists to display their brand for a large concentration of the lower Manhattan crowd, all in a space that reflects their artistry and ingenuity.

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Landmark on Broadway features a minimalist design that allows the space to be completely transformed depending on the needs of the renter, a basement area that allows for variety in feel from floor to floor, and a beautiful balcony where visitors can take in the grandeur and modernity of the space. 

The Velvet Underground Experience Event NYC. Photo by Jem Aswad

Last spring, Landmark on Broadway was thrilled to host the Moniker Art Fair, a five-day event that hosted a curated lineup of 28 exhibitors and four special projects, featuring work from artists and designers from all over the world. Adidas selected the space to hold their Running Record Festival, a weekend-long event gathering together enthusiasts of all stripes to celebrate the niche world of urban runners. And perhaps most exciting, Landmark on Broadway was recently transformed into an interactive museum celebrating the iconic band The Velvet Underground, highlighting not only the band but a milieu reflected in their music that had come to encapsulate NYC in the early 70s.

718 Broadway - Event Space NYC - Event Storefront

Landmark on Broadway is a reflection of everything that is so exciting about Astor Place. It’s sleek, it’s modern, and its theatrical heartbeat seems to pulse through every street corner. For an artist or entrepreneur looking to host a pop-up event catered to the Noho crowd, this amazing space must be heavily considered. You need more than a space; you need a space that perfectly encapsulates the feel and the heart of your audience. Landmark on Broadway is so in sync with its surroundings, its as if the pulse of the city is running straight through its foundation, and straight through your event.

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