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Introducing the Rawspace Design Series

Published on Feb 28, 2020 by Dan

Around NYC, Rawspace has become known for a certain aesthetic, a feel and vibe that is part and parcel to what we do. Our world, our spaces, and our art is utterly unique. And it’s that individuality that our clients are ultimately looking for most when selecting the perfect space for their pop-up experiences. 

Our events are specifically designed to make a splash on the cultural zeitgeist of the moment. They are modern, they are relevant and they are uniquely engineered to capture the electricity of the city’s current mood. In fact, it is that malleability and relevance that serves as the core of the entire pop-up movement. 

At any moment, our spaces could be utterly transformed into any number of experiences. From a Beatles pop-up event that perfectly encapsulates the storied history of the Fab Four, to a museum dedicated to the world’s greatest dessert of all time; pop-up experiences can ultimately be whatever you want them to be. They are only bound only by the limits of your imagination, and their possibilities are as expansive as your product or art. 

Arcadia Art Exhibit | Photo Credit: Arcadia Earth - view 2

Designed for flexibility and executed for impression, pop-up events ensure that whatever is relevant today can be immediately integrated into an experience, making use of all the aspects that have come to encapsulate the new trendy form of “guerilla marketing.” 

But most of all, they are effective. 

That is why time and again our customers come back to us as the place to turn their ideas into a reality and a space where their work can be marketed in the best light. 

FILA pop-up event spaces NYC – view outside

In celebration of all the work we have created so far alongside some of NYC’s best and most cutting edge artists, we would like to take you deeper into the world of Rawspace with a four-part blog series highlighting the many artistic and aesthetic decisions that go into the formation of some of our most successful events. 

From lighting, to color scape, to music, to food, to experiential design- each pop-up experience is made up of a wide number of factors; all of which inevitably blend together to form a product that is artistic, electric, and undeniably great. We aren’t just creating events, we are building eco-systems. 

So if you want an inside look into some of NYC’s hottest pop-up experiences, come back and visit our blog over the next few weeks for a series and journey that will take you through the exhilarating world of a Rawspace event. 
It will be an adventure you won’t want to miss.

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