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Introducing Rawspace

Published on Nov 27, 2019 by Dan

The largest small pop-up, media event, and experimental marketing company in NYC

I’ve always been in love with the power of spaces. There’s something about the feeling of walking into a space and immediately detecting its specific energy, its life, its opportunity, that fills me with inspiration and a sense of purpose. Every building has a character to it, something unique that can never truly be duplicated. I’ve dedicated my life to finding that character over and over again. And now after years of watching countless pop-up events, stores, and exhibitions change my favorite spaces into truly unique experiences that I never could have imagined, I  find myself once again humbled by the transformative power of our urban spaces here in NYC.

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Rawspace was created with one mission in mind; to help the rebels, the visionaries, and the seekers in NYC find the spaces they need to continue innovating. We want our clients to turn their ideas into not only realities but memories, stories that help their brands cut through the noise and imprint themselves in the minds and hearts of their customers. 

And to do this, we had to put in a lot of work. So that’s precisely what we did- and we succeeded big time. Our portfolio is now truly one of the kind here in NYC. To put it bluntly, there is no other company in Manhattan that can compete with the pedigree of spaces we have to offer. Through diligent, strategic work, we are completely changing the landscape of the temporary retail space. This is why we have worked with nearly every major brand in the fashion, media, and technology space; Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Amazon, Twitter, American Express, Kohls, Facebook, Ebay, Sony Music, Chobani, Don Julio, Vita Coco, MasterCard, Vitra, Fossil, Ebay, Viacom, Recess. Did I miss any? 

On a practical level, we are proprietors of raw spaces, helping connect artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to find the perfect space for their short term events. We help brands take advantage of the short term lease trend that has taken over the market, so that they can display their brand’s power here in the mecca of NYC without the burdens of long term obligations and heavy overhead expenses. We help facilitate over 180+ events per year, and 2019 alone saw partnerships with incredible brands and companies such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, Amazon, Nicole Richie, MasterCard, Alexander Wang, the Met and many more. Our spaces are uniquely designed so that our clients can showcase their brands to the highest standard, and our “soup to nuts” approach ensures that every detail has been meticulous addressed to meet those high standards. Our management services for all pop-up space are second to none, and our collaboration with producers, creative directors, public relations professionalism, and media organizations is what makes our events truly exceptional. We bend over backwards, we are obsessed with results, and most importantly- we never compromise. Our 99% retention rate means our clients keep coming back year after year with new with grand new ideas. And you know what? We’ve yet to come across one we haven’t been able to fulfill. 

Immersive pop-up experience

But on an even deeper level, we see Rawspace’s mission as an even deeper one. We see ourselves as a thriving and active member of the artist community that has served as the heartbeat of NYC since its beginnings. Rawspace is an opportunity to go even deeper into the advancements of modern marketing and stay on the cutting edge of the fast-paced developments that keep New York, in our opinion, the greatest city in the world. We are deeply in tune with the history of pop-up shops in this city, and we are dedicated to ensuring that its future is as bright as its past. 

NYC is a city of ideas, built on progressivism, modernity, and rebellion. These are the same attributes that fuel every decision we make at Rawspace. It’s the core of our being, and it will stay that way for all our years to come. We have completely changed the landscape of short term rentals in NYC, and we will continue to change it with each passing year. We will never fall out of fashion, we will always continue innovating and expanding, and most importantly we will forever dedicate ourselves to ensuring that all Rawspace events are of a caliber that matches the elegance and exceptionalism of this incredible city. 

-Dan Melwani

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