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580 Broadway

Published on Nov 12, 2019 by Dan

Previously occupied by the quality brands Zara and Bershka, 580 Broadway is a space that illustrates everything we love about Soho art, fashion, and living. A grand, two-story retail space located right at the juncture of Broadway and Spring Street, 580 Broadway runs off the lifeblood of Southern Manhattan living. It’s hip, it’s trendy, and most of all it features the class and vitality that we have come to associate with Soho. Featuring sprawling high ceilings, modern lines and finishes, and a newly renovated open concept basement space, 580 Broadway is not just an exciting space for short term pop-ups in NYC, it’s one of the most exciting locals featured on the Broadway corridor. 

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A Soho location brings a lot to the table, and one thing you can always bank on when holding your event in this classic neighborhood is that the location will attract significant foot traffic. 580 Broadway is nestled right in the hub of the shopping, restaurants, and the nightlife that fuels and nourishes Soho, and therefore the location serves as a prime opportunity for 24/7 marketing and attracting a high-class caliber of patron. 

With over 11,000 SF of usable space, 580 Broadway is ideal for any large scale retail exhibitions, artistic performances, and installations, or designer shows and events. With soaring, imaginative walls and customizable panels perfect for marketing and branding, this space can easily be transformed into a myriad of possibilities. Whatever you can dream, 580 Broadway can become. In addition, the downstairs space is often utilized as a sectioned off selling basement, where commerce can happen in a space safely tucked away from a more inviting display space. 

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When it comes to selecting a space for your pop-up exhibit, installation, or performance space- location matters. The buzz engineered by pop-up events required a location that matches the energy, vitality, and the inspiration of both the exhibitor and the patron. With 580 Broadway, you can be sure that your pop-up event features all the excellence and opportunity of Soho living. 

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