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Experience the Beatles in a New Immersive Soho Pop-Up

Published on Dec 23, 2019 by Dan Melwani

Step inside 163 Mercer Street during the month of December and you will be immediately catapulted into a thrilling, experiential adventure celebrating the history, the music, and the cultural impact of one of the most undisputedly influential artists of the 20th century; The Beatles. 

Rawspace, Sony Music’s The Thread Shop, and Apple Music LTD have joined forces to create a truly unique, dazzling pop-up shop experience highlighting the importance and cultural impact of history’s most iconic rock n roll influencers.

The Beatles Pop-Up VIP Launch 2019 - view 7
The Beatles drum set.

Featuring designs by Frances Wong, the head of design and creative content at the Thread Shop, the facade of 163 Mercer Street location has been completely revitalized and wrapped in stunning Beatles imagery. The interior has been re-engineered to display separated pod-like rooms, each of which allows visitors to step into living replicas and expressions of the Beatles dazzling creativity and history, and a one of a kind shop sprawls across 1,200 square feet of fully immersible, interactive space. “It’s meant to feel very beautiful, Instagrammable, and active,” says Kaki Sterigou, vice president and head of content at Sony Music Entertainment. “We are putting the merchandise creatively within different scenarios in the space, so it’s going to feel less like a working store, and more like an experience”. 

The Beatles Pop-Up VIP Launch 2019 - view 8

Following the growing trend of limited time Soho pop-up shop experiences, the Beatles pop-up will be available for the public during the holiday season. Running from December 11th through December 22nd, the Beatles pop-up will allow men, women, and children of all ages to immerse themselves into an experiential presentation of the Beatles journey and cultural impact while also browsing through a wide selection of exciting new Beatles merchandise including hats, scarves, tree ornaments, turntables, and even a specialty made Beatles themed pinball machine. 

The Beatles Pop-Up VIP Launch 2019 - view 6
The Beatles pinball machine.

And it is this unique and expansive roster of merchandise, experiences, and immersive opportunities that has caused the Beatles pop up shop to catch the eye of collectors, superfans, and cultural critics across the globe. From album decor vignettes to a wild arcade display and featuring one of a kind memorabilia such as a Beatles drum kit and authentic period phone booths, this pop up experiences promises to bring the world of Beatles directly to the consumer. 

Following an opening night party featuring music by Mick Rock, The Beatles Soho pop-up opens on Wednesday, December 11th and runs through December 22nd at 163 Mercer Street.

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