Do As the Stars Do…

Published on Jan 6, 2020 by Dan Melwani

Rawspace’s exclusive roster of NYC pop-up experiences feeds off the electricity of the city, the vibrant artistic happenings of downtown, and of course- the incredible special guests and celebrities who always seem to be popping in to see what’s happening at our one of a kind events. Face it, there is no greater city in the world to experience celebrity than NYC- and there’s no greater place to run into one than at a hip, cutting edge pop-up experience. And this year, we were blessed to have some of the world’s coolest celebrities drop by to say hello. 

Earlier in the year, film industry icon and Hollywood royalty Drew Barrymore dropped by with her family to the opening weekend of the Sloomo Institute of Slime, an Instagram fueled pop-up dedicated to all things slime, and a wonderland for kids of all ages and interests. There, the crew was able to learn about the vivid history of slime, add their own gooey creation to the “slime and repeat wall”, and even take a trip down their infamous slime slide. 

Museum of Slime: The Sloomoo Institute

It’s one of our favorite events at Rawspace and to have some of Hollywood’s coolest celebrities jump headfirst into all that gooey goodness made it even cooler. 

Mid-fall saw the release of Amazon’s hit series Modern Love, an anthology series, based on the popular NYT column of the same name, that explores love in all its complicated and diverse forms. To celebrate its release, Rawspace was able to partner up with Amazon Studios to pull off an immersive pop-up experience allowing viewers to actually step inside the world of the film. There, visitors can engage deeper with the beloved show, have their love aura read, and get their hair touched up in a full-service salon. 

Anne Hathaway Modern Love

And to promote the new series, Modern Love’s own Anne Hathaway dropped on by to take part in the festivities.

Finally, the end of the year brought about one of Rawspace’s favorite projects so far, the American Express pop-up event The Big Future of Shopping Small, a two-week event highlighting the future of retail and celebrating the amazing history of American small businesses. And of course- some of our favorite celebrity entrepreneurs just had to check it out. 

American Express Kicks Off The 10th Annual Small Business Saturday With The Big Future Of Shopping Small Experience

To discuss his new acquisition of the Drama Desk Book Store, Tony Award-winning actor, writer, musician, and all-around nice guy, Lin Manuel Miranda gave a presentation on day two of the event, and supermodel turned entrepreneur Karlie Kloss joined us to highlight the incredible achievement of her new coding camp for young women, Kode with Klossy. 

Don’t get us wrong, these events more than stand on their own- but it sure doesn’t hurt when we are graced by the top of NYC’s incredible celebrity culture. So what are you waiting for? Do as the stars do and come give us a visit.

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