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Celebrate Fashion Week with Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Rawspace

Published on Jan 24, 2020 by Dan Melwani

Twice a year, the best and brightest of the global fashion community come together in the headquarters of artistry and style, NYC, to celebrate new developments within the industry and showcase the coming designs and concepts that will influence the field for the coming year. Fashion Week has long been a fixture of New York and its style and structure encapsulate the spontaneity and advantage of the short-term lease industry

By holding events throughout two condensed periods of time, designers and labels are able to build brand appeal and drive demand, all while avoiding costly long-term expenses. Now, these industries are able to strike when audience engagement is at its highest; at a moment when travelers and buyers from all over the globe have communally elected to congregate together, and when artists can capitalize most on the buzz and branding opportunities. 

New York Fashion Week
Photo by Fashion Week Online

Ultimately, Fashion Week has been engineered as a moment to launch the beginnings of the year’s two major fashion seasons; fall and spring, as designers present their new collections to powerful influencers, members of the press, and interested retail buyers. These periods of time also serve as a demarcation of a creative cycle that could otherwise last indefinitely. Creators and artists drive their new concepts towards these launches, and immediately following the event’s closure- they begin planning and implementing designers for the next fashion week, building a sense of deadline, agency, and giving practical limits to the creative process. 

Generally lasting 7-9 days for each session, Fashion Week is comprised of multiple pop-up events where designers exhibit highly produced and choreographed shows complete with music from high profile DJs and featuring some of the city’s most up and coming and prestigious models. It is a moment for everyone in the industry to come together and prepare for the coming season and to build brand excitement for the remainder of the year. Fashion magazine editors assess the season and plan their annual stories, Hollywood stylists build concepts for their next award seasons, and retail buyers build shopping lists and choose inventory for their stores. 

Running underneath the excitement and flash of Fashion Week is a sense of mastery, style, and production. This year, Rawspace has the great honor to partner with high-powered designers Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen to assist in the implementation of pop-up productions showcasing the work of these masters to the highest caliber and preparing the world for an exciting and productive 2020. It is a moment where the artist can work in tandem with the retail experts who specifically understand the power of short-term retail spaces and the many advantages of the pop-up experience. 

New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week embodies so much of the culture, artistic experimentation and trend-setting that has come to make NYC the capital of the fashion industry. Now with a partnership with the city’s premiere short-term retail estate proprietors, NYC’s Fashion Week 2020 is shaping up to be one of the most artistic, unique and memorable moments of the fashion industry calendar.

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