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Photo Cred: Museum of Ice Cream

Best Holiday Pop-Ups of 2019-2020

Photo Cred: Museum of Ice Cream The holidays are here, and that can only mean one thing…it’s time for exciting, seasonal holiday pop-ups to warm our hearts, inspire us, and help set our minds towards the coming new year. These short term pop-up spaces embrace the spontaneity and artistry practically defines NYC, and they fully […]

580 Broadway - Event Space SoHo - View 1

580 Broadway

Previously occupied by the quality brands Zara and Bershka, 580 Broadway is a space that illustrates everything we love about Soho art, fashion, and living. A grand, two-story retail space located right at the juncture of Broadway and Spring Street, 580 Broadway runs off the lifeblood of Southern Manhattan living. It’s hip, it’s trendy, and […]

Photo Cred: Museum of Slime

The Museum of…Trend

Photo Cred (above): Museum of Slime If you’ve spent any significant time in NYC of late, you may have noticed a trend; an artistic movement that we at RawSpace we like to fondly call “the museum of…” trend. Hop on to your favorite NYC travel blog and you quickly find listing after listing of museums […]

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NYC – An Artist’s Colony

From the glitz of Broadway performers to the grunge of LES artists and now with the new modern art renaissance that has seen the integration of digital technology, pop up spaces, and Avant-garde expression, NYC has forever been known as a hub for the inspired, the creative, and the ambitious. It is a proud city […]

718 Broadway - Event Space NYC - Pop-up Event

Landmark on Broadway at 718 Broadway

From its very beginnings, Astor Place has been almost synonymous with the rich theatrical history and the urban chic of Noho. Located only steps away from the Public Theatre, Landmark on Broadway has come to embody all that we love about lower Manhattan; theatricality, class, and elegance. With 15,000 square feet of modern, open-concept space […]

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A Pop Up For Every Season

The inherent nature of pop up spaces takes advantage of a critical human tendency; a love of spontaneity. Pop up events utilizes the short term, exclusive, and limited time events to drive traffic and engage consumers. It’s marketing 101. Scarcity sells.  And one of the best ways to infuse spontaneity into your pop up event […]

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Wagon House with Garage Doors at 163 Mercer St

Mercer Street is the home to some of NYC’s finest brands; Lanvin, Balenciaga, D&G, and at the center of it all is Wagon House, a two-story building whose famous garage door entrance embodies the artistry and style of Soho. Imagined and constructed first in 1867 as a “wagon house”, this dazzling structure watched patiently as […]

FILA pop-up event spaces NYC – View 2

What is the retail apocalypse?

With the dawn of automation, delivery services, and one-stop-shop titans, retail commerce climate has changed drastically over the last 8-10 years. E-commerce and large warehouses have become a vital part of the growth and survival strategies for a large majority of modern companies. For stores that have historically relied heavily on brick and mortar sales, […]

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The Old World Gallery at 85 North 3rd, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is a neighborhood that has come to represent so much of the modernity of NYC while also holding its roots in the city’s amazing 19th-century history. And bridging that gap between old and new is The Old World Gallery, an exhilarating 3,000 sq foot space located right on the historic Williamsburg waterfront. Recently activated […]

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Masterpiece on Broadway at 632 Broadway

From its sweeping columns to its pristine and intricate moldings, there’s no question how this architectural mausoleum to the early 1900s earned the name “Masterpiece”. Newly activated as of August 15, 2019- Masterpiece on Broadway has already served as host to an impressive amount of pop-ups events, performances, and galleries. Masterpiece rounded out the summer […]