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New York City facade

The SoHo Series Part 3: The Cast Iron District

Take a walk through any section of SoHo and you will quickly notice a glaring similarity running through the beautiful architecture that makes up this historic Manhattan neighborhood; the abundance of stunning cast-iron facades.  In fact, a large central section of the neighborhood is known as “The Cast Iron District” due to the district’s overwhelming […]

Event Space NYC - Pop-up Event Image 1

NYC – An Artist’s Colony

From the glitz of Broadway performers to the grunge of LES artists and now with the new modern art renaissance that has seen the integration of digital technology, pop-up spaces, and Avant-garde expression, NYC has forever been known as a hub for the inspired, the creative, and the ambitious. It is a proud city of […]

FILA pop-up event spaces NYC – View 2

What is the retail apocalypse?

With the dawn of automation, delivery services, and one-stop-shop titans, retail commerce climate has changed drastically over the last 8-10 years. E-commerce and large warehouses have become a vital part of the growth and survival strategies for a large majority of modern companies. For stores that have historically relied heavily on brick and mortar sales, […]

The Velvet Underground Experience Event NYC. Photo by Jem Aswad

What’s a pop-up shop?

While the origins of the pop-up shop are hard to pin down to just one store, many attribute its history to the influence of old school lemonade stands from the early-mid 1900s. The lasting impact this style of store has had on retail, hospitality, and service industries are clear. Pop-ups are good for business, and […]