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SoHo- A History of New York’s Fashion Hub

Spend a moment looking through our website and blog, and you will quickly discover a rather evident fact; Rawspace loves SoHo. That is because the neighborhood encapsulates the characteristics that fuel our own brand; it’s hip, it’s innovative, it’s rebellious, it’s driven by artistry and creativity and most important, it is always changing.  And as […]

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Celebrate Fashion Week with Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Rawspace

Twice a year, the best and brightest of the global fashion community come together in the headquarters of artistry and style, NYC, to celebrate new developments within the industry and showcase the coming designs and concepts that will influence the field for the coming year. Fashion Week has long been a fixture of New York […]

Facebook Giving Contest 2019

Capture the Season of Giving with Facebook’s Holiday Pop Up Fundraiser for Military Mama Network

The holidays are a season for giving. And now with our “More Together” partnership, Facebook and Rawspace are building opportunities for generous hearts to give IRL to one of the most popular fundraising groups supporting military families in need.  Over the years, Facebook has become an extremely powerful outlet for charitable giving, having collected over […]

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Winner of the Most Popular Space in 2019

Rawspace boasts an unbelievable roster of trendsetting, exclusive downtown spaces. But when looking back at the huge selection of high-events we’ve pulled off, and the astounding transformations we’ve taken our buildings through- our hands-down winner for the most popular space of 2019 is without question 623 Broadway, The Masterpiece on Broadway.  Newly activated as of […]

Do As the Stars Do…

Rawspace’s exclusive roster of NYC pop-up experiences feeds off the electricity of the city, the vibrant artistic happenings of downtown, and of course- the incredible special guests and celebrities who always seem to be popping in to see what’s happening at our one of a kind events. Face it, there is no greater city in […]

Pop-Ups 101: The Complete Guide to Building a New York City Pop-up

by Dan Melwani the Founder of Rawspace NYC has long been considered a hub for marketing and branding, and a centerpiece for building public awareness for a new product, company or artist. Every year, thousands of new brands come to NYC with aspirations of laying their stake in one of the greatest cities on Earth […]

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Rawspace’s Upcoming Roster of Events

As we close up 2019, Rawspace isn’t looking to slow down- we’re ready to keep expanding. Because our roster of coming events is complete with so many breathtaking and innovative pop-up experiences that we can hardly wait for the new year.  Here are some of our favorite events that are live now- and a teaser […]