Hosting over 400 events in the past five years has taught us a thing or two. It’s time to share our valuable insights.

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The Old World Gallery at 85 North 3rd, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is a neighborhood that has come to represent so much of the modernity of NYC while also holding its roots in the city’s amazing 19th-century history. And bridging that gap between old and new is The Old World Gallery, an exhilarating 3,000 sq foot space located right on the historic Williamsburg waterfront. Recently activated […]

The Velvet Underground Experience Event NYC. Photo by Jem Aswad

What’s a pop-up shop?

Photo above by Jem Aswad While the origins of the pop-up shop are hard to pin down to just one store, many attribute its history to the influence of old school lemonade stands from the early-mid 1900s. The lasting impact this style of store has had on retail, hospitality, and service industries are clear. Pop-ups […]

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Masterpiece on Broadway at 632 Broadway

From its sweeping columns to its pristine and intricate moldings, there’s no question how this architectural mausoleum to the early 1900s earned the name “Masterpiece”. Newly activated as of August 15, 2019- Masterpiece on Broadway has already served as host to an impressive amount of pop-ups events, performances, and galleries. Masterpiece rounded out the summer […]

The Best Holiday Pop-Up Shops in NYC

The Best Holiday Pop-Ups in NYC

Ho, ho, oh? Santa’s ability to pop in to chimneys around the globe has gotten easier today. Why you may wonder? The increase of holiday pop-ups. Pop up shops exist for just about anyone today: Whether you’re a cynical Scrooge or a jolly Santa, you’ll find everything from a Jingle Hell to a reindeer lounge in Brooklyn (224 Franklin St). Still not convinced of the perks of the holiday pop?

Here’s our curated list of some of the most creative pop-up shops in New York City this holiday season:

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Why Pop-Up Shops Happen

Pop-up shops are an increasingly popular marketing strategy that’s popping into the hearts and minds of savvy brands all over the world.