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Beatlemania in SoHo for the Holidays

Published on Dec 21, 2019 by Dan Melwani

Nearly 56 years ago to the day, the Beatles touched down to the wild screams of thousands of adoring fans at New York City’s JFK airport. During a brief press conference held on the tarmac, the four superstars charmed audiences worldwide with their sardonic wit.

Reporter: Will you sing for us?
John Lennon: No, we need money first. 

Reporter: Do you ever cut your hair? 
Goerge Harrison: I had a haircut yesterday. 

The burgeoning rock idols were then quickly gathered up and whisked away to the Plaza Hotel. They rested, indulged in an iconic Central Park adventure complete with a horse and buggy ride and lunch at the famous boathouse, and then once more were shepherded off to rehearsals for their coming appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. 

The next night, the foursome would play live for an American audience for the first time. The world was never the same. 

And now, over a half-century later, in the very same city where the Beatles executed their landmark Ed Sullivan performance, Rawspace, in partnership with Sony Music’s The Thread Shop and Apple Corp Ltd, is proud to host a Soho pop up shop celebration highlighting the incredible impact the Fab Four have made on the history of this city and the world at large.  

The Beatles Pop-Up VIP Launch 2019

From the dazzling facade wrapped in iconic Beatles imagery to the multiple interior booths that allow visitors to truly step inside the world of the British invasion, this limited-time pop-up shop crafts an immersive rock n’ roll experience that expresses the radical artistry, innovation, and culture-shifting influence of the Fab Four. The Rawspace Beatles pop up is an experience that embodies exactly why the Beatles were able to touch the American zeitgeist so perfectly in the 1960s. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s new. 

“Every single moment in the store from the design perspective has been fully thought through, given today’s current climate in social media, so that everyone can share the space digitally beyond however many shoppers can make it through the store over the season,” says Sterigous. “We want them to be hit with the visual experiences when they walk it. This is very much a ‘please do touch’ experience.”

Kathy Narducci at the Beatles Pop-Up VIP Launch 2019

The British invasion left an impact not only on rock n roll, but the culture at large in the United States. And it was the Beatles influence that most of all opened the door for the flood of inspiration and artistry that would come to dominate the 1960s-1970s. Their mark has remained consistent and influential even 65 years later, as we still today find ourselves culturally fascinated with those four young shaggy heartthrobs from Liverpool and inspired by their music, their gift, and their history.

Today, we find ourselves in a similar moment. The pop-up shop experience has created a pathway for innovation and experimentation in real estate, marketing, and retail and opened more opportunities and exposure for urban artistry. This December, we look back at the past, back to the glorious ’60s when innovators like the Beatles took our national consciousness by storm and ushered in a new era of experimentation and culture.  

Come join us at 163 Mercer Street, now through December 22nd.

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