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Amazon presents: The Museum of Modern Love

Published on Nov 25, 2019 by Dan

Over the years, we have learned that the best pop-up shops and events do far more than sell us a product, or market a brand; they actually immerse us into a world we have been longing to visit. It’s the same impulse that draws us to our favorite streaming programs; the deep desire we all possess to enter a world that is unlike our own, one we want to spend perhaps just a few hours in- to indulge, to feel creative, and to experience something novel. It’s something content creators have known for centuries, and now Amazon Studios is seemingly embracing the idea fully with the opening of their Museum of Modern Love, a new pop-up experience that is directly tied to the premiere of their new streaming program of the same name. 

Amazon pop-up event – The Museum of Modern Love, NYC – view 2
Photo Cred: Marion Curtis/Starpix

A co-production alongside the New York Times, Amazon’s Modern Love is an anthology romantic comedy series that tells the messy, complicated and beautiful stories of modern romance, with each episode inspired by the NYT’s popular Modern Love column. But Amazon Studios knows that in today’s media-saturated world, it’s not enough to merely premiere a show. To drive traffic, you need to truly create an event, a lifestyle, a world even, surrounding the program’s release. 

Enter…The Museum of Modern Love; a pop-up event that allows visitors to spend a few moments inside the world of the show. A beautiful example of the “Museum of” trend we love exploring here at RawSpace, The Museum of Modern Love allows its patrons to tangibly interact with the show, to learn its world from the inside, and then transfer those experiences to their viewings of the show. 

Amazon pop-up event – The Museum of Modern Love, NYC – view 3
Photo Cred: Dianna McDougall/ ADWEEK

The Museum of Modern Love is comprised of eight distinct areas, each of which features a different episode of the show and encourages its visitors to confess, share, and explore their feelings of love to one another. It even includes “an aura station”, where a picture is taken that expresses your essence, but not before getting your hair touched up first in their full-service salon. It’s everything we love about the pop-up, “museum of…trend”. It’s experiential, it captures the essence of the featured project, and it allows fans and newcomers of the show alike to engage with the property in an innovative and creative way. 

“I hope people feel inclined to open up” said Elisabeth Daniels of global partnership and events at Amazon Originals. ‘We want people to share. It’s an intimate and personal experience while also bringing the themes of Modern Love”. 

Brands are learning quick, it’s not just the product or the show that matters. It’s the world that is created surrounding that property; the themes, the lifestyles- that’s what consumers and audiences today are looking for. And it’s the pop-up experience that allows us to create those crucial spaces where people can engage with these worlds. It is a playground for your brand to grow, thrive, and touch an audience in a deeper, more transformative way. 

We all have experienced modern love in some capacity, but now at the “Museum of Modern Love”, we can experience it even deeper.

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