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A Spotlight on 130 Greene Street

Published on Mar 30, 2020 by Dan

Located in the heart of SoHo between the classic streets of Prince and Houston, 130 Greene Street epitomizes the heart of classic downtown Manhattan cast-iron construction and has become one of our most popular pop-up event locations of 2020. 

Built originally in 1910,130 Greene Street features a classic marble white facade, while recent renovations have given the space a modern accent and a stylized interior. With 5,000 square feet of usable space, 130 Greene Street is ideal for vendors, retailers, artist installations, exhibits and fashion events. The ground floor holds 3,100 square feet of usable space and an additional selling basement provides another 1,900 square feet for back of house use or storage. 

130 Greene Street - Landmark Industrial Space - view 2

The sprawling 12 foot ceiling is fully exposed, giving an industrial style and allowing for various rigging procedures dependent on the needs of an event. The building also features a large steel and glass skylight running across the venue’s back, providing an abundance of natural light. Accenting the entirety of the space is a charming exposed brick wall that gives the space an inherently downtown feel and brings a sense of life and style to any event held at 130 Greene Street. 

Conveniently located on the main floor of the building is a kitchenette, a large private restroom and flex space for dressing rooms, additional storage, or any miscellaneous needs your event may require. 

Located right in the hub of SoHo, 130 Greene Street is a prime location for foot traffic and marketing, as it rests right in the center of the neighborhood’s retail bustle, sharing proximity with large brands such as Apple Soho, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Proenza Schouler. 

7 For All Mankind

Recently, we were proud to host the premium denim designer 7 for All Mankind, where beyond large scale merchandise designs,130 Greene Street boasted a specialty seating and lounge area and utilized dressing room space for guests to savor their shopping experience. 

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Even Headphones- For this incredible technology brand, we were able to create individual listening pods where visitors could independently sample product on some of their favorite albums, comfortably relaxing in their own compartment while sharing the space with dozens of other music lovers.  

Misha Noono

Misha Noono, a designer famous for her corporate women’s ready to wear-  hosted a showcase of her latest work at 130 Greene Street, where she not only displayed her work elegantly, but was also able to transform the space into a reflection of her brand identity- filling the walls with inspirational quotes on corporate female empowerment and turning the event into a celebration of the style, art, and philosophy.

130 Greene Street is without question one of the most exciting, creative locations in the entirety of the Rawspace roster. It’s location, it’s elegance and the raw power of the space has supported an astounding number of events, showcases, and exhibitions as its malleability and practical advantages make it one of the prime locations throughout all of SoHo, and we are so excited to see what future events are in store for this space’s future. 
If you’re ready to experience 130 Greene Street for your next pop-up event, contact us today.

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