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A Pop Up For Every Season

Published on Oct 24, 2019 by Dan Melwani

The inherent nature of pop up spaces takes advantage of a critical human tendency; a love of spontaneity. Pop up events utilizes the short term, exclusive, and limited time events to drive traffic and engage consumers. It’s marketing 101. Scarcity sells. 

And one of the best ways to infuse spontaneity into your pop up event is to take advantage of the seasons. We all love seasons because of the sense of change they bring, giving us a new spring in our step. For decades, marketers have used seasonality to reveal new products, drive customer engagement, and create buzz around their brand. By integrating seasonality into the exclusivity of an urban pop-up space, you can get even more boost out of your short-term lease. 

Here are some of our favorite examples of NYC Seasonal Pop-Ups:

Winter- The holiday season is a prime time period for using a pop-up space. As we wind down for the holiday season, urbanites love to scatter around to the various pop-up markets to find unique gifts, sample seasonal foods, listen to winter-themed concerts, and many of these spaces even integrate fun winter activities such as ice-skating. In 2018, the Ophelia Snowglobe in the Sky turned a glass encased rooftop into an unbelievable pop-up space that turned the building into an actual, full scale snow globe. 

Spring- After a long winter’s hibernation, everyone is ready to get out of their apartments and head back out into the concrete jungle to show off their new spring looks. Some great spring pop-ups include fashion bazaars, artisan markets, and who can say no to a spring concert. 

Summer- Summer is the time when everyone has two things that lead to pop-up space fun, the extra time and extra sun. Summer concert series can make use of park space, craft fairs can display their goods under the sun, and everyone is always looking for tasty, cooling food options to help combat the heat. 

Fall- When the flannel goes on, the fall fun begins. And fall pop-up spaces are just what’s to satiate everyone’s desire for pumpkin spice, apple juice, and pumpkins. And for Halloween lovers, there is no better holiday to utilize a pop-up space for intricate urban haunted houses and gruesome theatre events.  

A seasonal pop up is reflective of everything we love about short term leases and rental spaces; it’s fast, it’s spontaneous, and it creates an air of exclusivity and fun for visitors and shoppers. We love pop up spaces so much because they are forever reinvigorating, forever sparking the imagination and hearts of urbanites, and forever changing- just like the seasons. 

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