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144 5th Ave – The Parlour

Published on Nov 18, 2019 by Dan Melwani

When it comes to the future of pop up spaces, multi-functionality is key. Pop up events are designed to fully utilize and build off the spontaneity and inspiration of modern living. Walls must be able to change with little notice, lighting designs must shift effortlessly, and spaces must entirely transform with nothing but a moment’s notice. How else can we make space for all the ideas, all the inspiration, and all the art that is flooding towards us here in 2019? 

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The Expansive Cathedral White Box, more commonly known as The Parlour, is one of the spaces that we think best exemplifies and utilizes the characteristics necessary for the pop-up event climate today. A full-floor loft located in the heart of the bustling and beautiful Flatiron District on 5th Avenue and 19th street, this gorgeous white box gallery is perfectly engineered for short term events, art exhibits, photo galleries and shoots, and far more. 

Located just 16 steps from the bustle of street level, the gorgeously inviting main entrance leads to a sprawling white gallery featuring large windows and great light. A second entrance to the loft leads to a large great room reminiscent of an Opera Gallery or Cathedral with high ceilings, a full stage, and gallery-style lighting on full display for guests and patrons. The space also features an open windowed kitchen, and beautiful steps that lead to a second-level mezzanine and balcony. With gorgeous exposed brick, long, spacious design and a wifi and sound system that allows for multi-media utilization, this location is a prime landing spot for any artistic or entrepreneurial endeavor. 

144 Fifth Avenue - Event Space NYC - View 12

Ultimately, what the Parlour offers is space, style, and most importantly flexibility. We live in a fast, modern world. Our tastes change quickly, our inspirations change quickly, and therefore our spaces must change quickly as well. So when determining a space for your short-term pop-up event or exhibition, consider a space that can meet the needs of today. Consider the Parlour in Flatiron. 

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