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15 Installations in 15,000 Sq. Feet- How Rawspace and Arcadia Earth Created a Stunning Monument to Sustainability

Published on Mar 24, 2020 by Dan

At Rawspace, we don’t just speak our values- we live by them. After years of working alongside retail leaders, cutting edge businesses, artists and visionaries of all types, one contiguous current we have seen running through their work is a deep commitment to sustainability and the bravery to turn those mission statements into deliverable action. 

That’s why we are so proud to have partnered with founder and designer Valentino Vettori to create Arcadia Earth– a stunning pop-up journey that guides visitors through the various ecosystems that populate our world and the ecological issues of today that are plaguing their survival. Located in the heart of NYC at our 718 Broadway location, Arcadia Earth spans through 15,000 square feet of prime Manhattan real estate, featuring 15 interactive rooms where visitors can explore varied ecological experiences and learn about the dangers of plastic pollution, climate change, and food waste in a fully immersive, sensorial centered experience. 

Arcadia Art Exhibit

From underwater worlds, to snowy mountain tops, to wildly imaginative fantasy lands, Arcadia Earth utilizes art installations, virtual reality, projection mapping, and interactive environments to show the event’s explorers how their actions tangibly affect the state of our environment and how our decisions as humans can greatly shift the course of the health of our planet. 

A dazzling coral reef room brings the depths of the ocean to life while educating visitors on the disastrous effects of sunscreen contamination on our waters, and an installation centered on meat production showcasing carcass like artwork brought to light startling statistics on the nature of sustainability and animal production. 

But most impressive of all is Arcadia’s “Rainbow Cave”, a space made of 44,000 recycle plastic bags to represent the number of bags used in New York State per minute. 

Arcadia Earth Art Exhibit - view 3

“My goal is to inspire people with knowledge,” says Vettori. “And we wanted to show people how we can upcycle and make things beautiful through the use of recycled materials. And at the end of the show, I want to be able to walk away with the least amount of pollution.” 

To create this event and hold to our core mission, Rawspace and the artists involved ensured that every element was constructed with sustainability in mind. Through the use of recycled materials and virtual reality effects to create the world of Arcadia, we were able to build a thrilling, inspirational and beautiful event without the use of plastic or plasterboard. 

We look at Arcadia Earth as one of the shining examples of the potential of the pop-up experience in NYC. Embracing the spontaneity of the concept, the social media integration, and the sexy, sleek production value of NYC experiences, Arcadia Earth is using the pop-up trend to educate the world around us, make a sizable impact on our planet and hold true to their values. 

NYC is our city, but Mother Earth is our planet. It is up to us to stay true to our values and dedicate ourselves to protecting our home as we work together to build a sustainable tomorrow.

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